Delivery in the night

Vision: Night Star Express is a specialist in rendering particularly high-quality and innovative overnight express services. The needs of our customers are always at the heart of our actions. With an individual and personal service, we win the trust of our customers and build on long-term partnerships. 

Mission: By offering a reliable and personal service, we guarantee our customers a competent solution to their logistical requirements in order to make them even more successful. Mutual respect and interacting fairly with our customers are a matter of course for us. 

Depot locations

We collect shipments from our customers by late afternoon and deliver them within Germany and some neighbouring European countries during the following night until 8.00 a.m., optionally until 7.00 a.m., on a receiptless basis.
We deliver goods to recipients at depots. We also orient ourselves to the individual needs of recipients when it comes to delivery - be it technician vehicle, box, garage or warehouse.
Receiptless delivery requires great trust in the service on the part of our customers. To live up to this trust, we develop individual transportation solutions for our customers. The basis for this is our comprehensive product portfolio, which we are enhancing continually.

Delivery without receipt

Delivery without receipt at night means that we do not receive a signature from the recipient. We deliver the goods at night to depot locations agreed beforehand, and create an electronic proof of delivery upon delivery. 

This type of delivery requires a lot of trust in the quality of our service. For this reason, we make the transport route as transparent as possible. With our shipment tracking system, Nightstar Tracking, we document the complete progress of shipments up to the point of delivery. We make all documentation available to our customers promptly online in our Nightstar Tracking system.

Shipment tracking

Trust is good, but control is better. We therefore scan every single package along the entire transport route. End-to-end scanning with electronic proof of delivery enables seamless shipment tracking. After delivery, all shipment details are available online for shipment tracking in Nightstar Tracking, from where they can be accessed.