First Class quality

As a "first class" overnight express service provider, our most important remit is to identify at all times the wishes, aspirations and requirements of our customers. Committed and quality-oriented employees are our most valuable asset and the key to fulfilling the requirements of our customers in our daily work with above-average quality. Because only satisfied customers place their trust in us in the long term.
To always live up to this expectation, we are constantly working on the continual improvement of our processes. To this end, we set up our own quality management system when the company was founded and had ourselves certified for the first time to DIN ISO 9001 in 2005. 


Quality-conscious and customer-oriented actions have always been firmly anchored in our company. In everything we do however, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment. We attach great importance to keeping the environmental impact as low as possible. Non-wasteful actions and conscious use of resources are important foundations for us in safeguarding the success and future of our company in the long term. 

We see a significant contribution towards environmental protection in the reduction of CO2 emissions from our transport network. For this purpose, we record annually the CO2 emissions of our transport network to identify and implement suitable CO2 reduction measures. Continuous route optimisation and deployment of vehicles with alternative drive systems are just two examples of how we reconcile economic actions and environmental protection. 

Our environmental management is documented and developed according to the latest standards by regular certification to DIN ISO 14001, which we received in 2010 as the first overnight express service provider in Germany.