"First Class driver (f/m/div*) for the First Class Night Express 

This is what a "working night" at Night Star Express looks like: 

You arrive at the warehouse, welcome your colleagues and collect their technical equipment including digital route plans. You then load your shipments yourself securely in your vehicle. All in? Then it's off to your first destination. You manoeuvre your vehicle through streets quickly and without traffic jams, supplying companies, farms and workshops. The employees at these companies find your deliveries in the morning when they arrive and are happy about being able to start work immediately.

That's why Night Star Express is a great employer:

Latest technical equipment 
So that you always know where you need to go, we equip you with the latest technology - scanner, route planner and partly keyless delivery to our customers. Everything is well thought out and works smoothly so that you can do your job.

Good mood 
Even when things get stressful, we remain calm and work together to ensure that you are on the road and reach our customers on time. 

Corporate culture
Values such as trust, punctuality and reliability are important to us. This also means that we do everything we can to ensure good cooperation and that you can expect the same values from us as we can from you.

Convince yourself and send us your application documents, or send us an email at karriere@night-star-express.de

What our drivers say:

I feel really happy at Night Star Express even after so many years. I enjoy my work and driving is totally relaxed at night. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.

Franz (50), at Night Star Express for 20 years 

I'm really happy at Night Star Express after experiencing some other employers. Here I have nice colleagues and good working hours.

Karin (45), at Night Star Express for 6 years

There's always something new happening here. I like it. Sometimes shipments are not what you normally expect and I almost have the street to myself.

Bulent (28), at Night Star Express for 10 months