Time option

If your customers need deliveries by 7:00 am, Night Star Express also offers guaranteed delivery by 7:00 am. That means more service for your service. One hour time difference, which can bring you drastic benefits, such as for the dispatch of urgent spare parts. Service technicians benefit from direct deliveries up to 7:00 a.m., as they can drive directly to the first assignment without any loss of time. 

We offer this service to all customers who supply a fixed recipient base several times a week.

Returns management

A delivery to your recipients can contain reusable containers or packages for reuse. You place a return order with us and we pick up these goods as part of the next delivery. In addition, we ensure the returns are returned to you quickly and reliably. 

The only requirement is that the goods are clearly marked as returned. We accept the return of environmentally friendly reusable packaging when new deliveries are made to recipients.

Weekend service

On request, we can also deliver your shipments at weekends. We collect the goods on Saturday and deliver them the following night by 8.00 a.m. on Sunday. The weekend service is used for example by shippers of perishable goods that cannot be stored over the weekend, such as horse semen. We will be glad to prepare for you an individual quotation for a weekend delivery.

Returnable boxes

You can also bring your goods to us in reusable containers for shipping. If required, we offer a tailor-made reusable container system having various quality levels. We of course also take customers’ own containers.