"Stop moaning. Get on with it!”
This is the banner under which the "Die Wirtschaftsmacher" initiative was launched last autumn to win over comrades-in-arms for the nationwide, cross-company and cross-industry image campaign "Logistikhelden" (Logistics Heroes). The goal is to get young talent interested in logistics.
And logisticians are getting on with it: more than 80 companies and organisations are already on board.

The campaign starts in mid-2019. 

Night Star Express is the first overnight express service provider to get involved in this initiative and is one of the participants.

Matthias Hohmann says why: "We support the 'Die Wirtschaftsmacher' initiative because logistics, with its demanding functions, interesting professional fields and numerous 'logistics heroes', is one of the most diversified industries in the world. Together with strong partners, we want to make our contribution towards bringing the logistics sector, the third largest economic sector in Germany, closer to the general public. In particular, we want to promote the diverse professions with future-proof opportunities in logistics and the image and esteem that they deserve."

At the heart of the campaign are "logistics heroes" who, as sympathetic and credible ambassadors, are synonymous on the whole for the efficiency and professionalism of all logistical spheres of activity. So who are also those who perform heroic logistical deeds in the Night Star Express businesses on a daily basis.

"In particular, we want to promote the diverse professions with future-proof opportunities in logistics and the image and esteem that they deserve.”

Matthias Hohmann,
Managing Director Night Star Express GmbH

Logistic hero number one

We are pleased to present our first logistics hero today! More will follow, because we have many "heroes" in our company!

André Jehn started 12 years ago as a warehouse worker at Spedition Zufall and is now in charge of system and traffic planning. 
It is thanks to his above-average commitment that we have been able to improve the workflows in our main handling operation, which has led to more effective processes and made work easier for our employees.
As the person responsible for route management, in 2018 he worked to optimize arrival times at the HUB Hünfeld, thus making a significant contribution to improving arrival and departure times and efficiency.

Due to his initiative, the topic "new conveyor system and reorganization at the HUB Hünfeld" was taken up anew and he was then given the main responsibility for this major project. 
The focus was on increasing efficiency and optimizing the work processes and working conditions of the employees. With great commitment André Jehn took care of improved ergonomics at the workplace and reorganized the area of occupational safety.

With his positive appearance he knows how to inspire and motivate colleagues. This is reinforced by his pronounced hands-on mentality.
We are delighted to have André Jehn on board and will soon be able to present you with further examples of our numerous logistics heroes!